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Saint Thomas Academy requires several key pieces of information from every applicant.


The online application for the 2019-20 school year are due by August 1, 2019. All applications must be submitted online through InfoSnap, our web-based application system.



Transcripts must include first semester grades of the application year as well as grades from the previous year.  Conduct and attendance history are also reviewed.  A Transcript Request Form is available to print during the online application process through InfoSnap.  Please fill out and give the form to the applicant's current school.


Recommendations from current Mathematics and English teachers are required, and an optional additional personal recommendation may be submitted.  Teacher Recommendations and the Optional Recommendation are delegated by the applicant through InfoSnap.

COGAT Entrance Exam 

CoGat testing is offered by Saint Thomas Academy on the following date(s).  

  • Tuesday, August 13 at 9 AM 

Exam Registration

Personal Interview

Once all three pieces of the online application have been submitted through InfoSnap, the student will be prompted to schedule a ten-minute personal interview with an Admissions staff member.

Next Steps

Each applicant will receive an email in February indicating the status of his application.  If additional information is needed, your InfoSnap account will specify what is required to complete the application.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions for incoming students will be mailed in the spring.

For your information, possible Saint Thomas Academy decisions include: accept, accept with supervision, wait pool and do not accept.  

Click here for more information about our acceptance with supervision.


All tuition assistance applicants must complete a Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) application. TADS is used by all Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to determine a family's tuition need. TADS applications can be filled online or can be printed and mailed to you from TADS. Completing your TADS application online will expedite the process.

Submitting TADS applications after the deadline may affect a student’s financial award, as we have limited funding. Funding cannot be allocated to TADS applicants unless the student has been granted admission to Saint Thomas Academy. TADS may be filed prior to the admission decision, but notification of potential tuition assistance qualification will not be sent until after a student is admitted.

Submit TADS Application

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  • Visit (October - May)
  • Apply 
  • Test (January - May)
  • Apply for Financial Assistance 
  • Acceptance (March)
  • Enroll (March - April)
  • Register for classes (April)

I am so grateful to have built great friendships with other cadets.  I am also happy to be able to try new things such as skiing and utilizing the Innovation Center in my free time to create things on the 3D printer.

- James Ollom-Klein '23

Admissions Policy

Saint Thomas Academy students are selected for admission to the school on the basis of academic potential, developmental maturity, school achievement and readiness for the school's program.  Testing is used as a tool to provide information to assist in the assessment of each student.  In all cases, the Academy retains the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not to select a student for admission or to re-enroll a student.

When the Academy cannot offer to place a student, the school can offer counsel on other schools that may be able to accommodate the student.  When there are more qualified candidates than openings available, Saint Thomas Academy establishes a waiting pool; if any openings occur, the admissions committee decides which candidate(s) to admit based on the overall profile of the class and match between the needs and qualifications of the student with the needs of the school.

It is the policy of the Academy not to discriminate in violation of the law on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry or disability.