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An image of someone going up stairs, only can see their shoes
Deborah Edwards

With our daily lives upended by COVID-19, Saint Thomas Academy, like many has had to make adjustments.  Our cadets are now learning remotely and our faculty is working hard to provide an engaging learning environment.  

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photo of a woman writing with a pen in a notebook
David Jacobson

On the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8) and the remaining weeks of Women’s History Month, reflections abound on women’s achievements. While it is tempting to focus on the famous in politics, business, sports, and even space travel, everyday efforts also should shine.

In the world of Saint Thomas Academy that means spotlighting longtime faculty members Rebecca Benz, who teaches English, and Sonya Jaworski, who teaches science. Although the two face unique challenges in teaching an all-male student body – more to come on that topic later – they both impact students in ways that their male teachers cannot.

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Image of a middle school student entering Saint Thomas Academy
David Jacobson

With all the renown Saint Thomas Academy has achieved for its academic rigor, you might think being admitted requires a spotless elementary school record. Think again.

Think about Abe Walther, a sixth-grader, whose marks -- and, more importantly, whose motivation -- have skyrocketed this year. His parents, Ryan and Jenny Walther, took a chance on investing in the Academy as a way of investing in Abe, and it is paying off.

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Stock image provided by Tim Gouw of pens, papers, and other office supplies
David Jacobson

Starting at a new school can be daunting. Entering a school the caliber of Saint Thomas Academy can be downright frightening. The academic rigor and all-male student body adds still another layer of adjustment required for most incoming freshmen.

Luke Audette ’23 and his family have felt all that and more. But it’s nothing they haven’t been able to handle, and even if it’s occasionally difficult, going through the experience itself is integral to the character development that an Academy education offers.

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