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image of a saxophone laying on top of sheet music
Sam Cunniff '19 - Citation Features Editor

This spring the VISTA band will take to the international stage as it goes on tour throughout Europe. On this nine day trip during spring break, the band will visit Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. They will have the opportunity to play in major concert venues and small villages alike.

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Photo of Melissa Kelly
Deborah Edwards

In her third year of teaching English at Saint Thomas Academy, specifically in the Middle School, Melissa Kelly loves interacting with kids.  She didn’t start out as a teacher, but life has a funny way of showing you the successful path to follow.  “I first wanted to be a lawyer, but I went to college for journalism and ended up working in marketing when I graduated.”  After working for several years for AT&T and T Mobile as a regional operations marketing manager it became difficult to raise a young family.  Her husband is in the National Army Guard and as a LTC Battle Commander for Field Artillery and saw tours of duty in Europe and Iraq.  “I knew I needed to find a career that had roots.” 

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Students exploring in the Saint Thomas Academy Innovation Center
Camden Callstrom '19 - Reprinted from the Citation Newspaper

Since its conception just one year ago, the Innovation Center has enabled innovation and creativity for many cadets. Full-time resident of the Innovation Center Mr. Westlake says that “every day middle schoolers and high schoolers alike are in the Innovation Center, working with teams or on their own projects”. He also commented how busy the space has been, even demanding extended hours.

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