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Saint Thomas Academy Peer Mentors in uniform outside of the school in uniform
Annie Odegard

Established in 1995, The Peer Mentor program at Saint Thomas Academy has taken on different roles and participated in different activities over the years but, the mission has always remained the same: To develop a core group of students who are skilled in the following areas: Help other students experience a sense of belonging, Support students during times of personal difficulty, Assist students in developing their intellectual, moral, spiritual, social-emotional and physical potential, Refer students to supportive adults when necessary and Respect the need for confidentiality.

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Photo of Kathleen Wilson
Deborah Edwards

Ms. Kathleen Wilson, who joined Saint Thomas Academy in 2016, teaches AP Statistics, Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors.  Ms. Wilson is a fan of Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler and Mindset by Carol Dweck and applies these books' philosophy to math. “Many students come to math with their mind made up that they can’t do it. My goal is to change that mindset and help them realize they can push through with time, effort and belief," Wilson says. "I prefer to have students be investigative when learning math."

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Photo of Paul Preblich
Deborah Edwards

Chief Warrant Officer Paul Preblich grew up in Ely, Minnesota and not wanting to go into the mining industry, he joined the United States Army until he could “figure out what he wanted to do with his life”.  Well, Preblich figured it out all right, the Army was his calling as was teaching.  Before joining Saint Thomas Academy in 2003 as a military instructor, Preblich was a career soldier. 

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Saber magazine cover of football images from Saint Thomas Academy
David Jacobson

Working on an oral history of the Saint Thomas Academy football program for the Saber magazine recently, it quickly became apparent that the program was built by men of character, who used the program to build more men of character.

Oddly, not many people interviewed for the article mentioned that word, “character.” It’s just as well, because both the word and the concept of a person’s character are hard to define. A common explanation for “character” is “what a person does when nobody is looking.”

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