Tell a Friend or Family Member

Our students, families, and alumni are valuable sources of referrals. No one can answer questions or share experiences like a student, his mom and dad, or a graduate!

Earn a Referral Award

In appreciation for referral efforts, the Director of Admissions offers a $250 tuition “scholarship” to families who refer a new applicant to the Academy (and that student enrolls). You simply provide the lead and we contact the family directly.

  • Any STA student in grades 6–11 who refers a new student (and that student enrolls) will receive a $250 scholarship toward his next year’s tuition.
  • 12th graders will receive a $250 scholarship towards college education.
  • In order to qualify for the scholarship, the prospective STA student must complete the application process and have a deposit on file.
  • Students can qualify for the award by referring a family member.

It’s our small way of saying “thank you” for your continued support of STA. Keep those referrals coming our way!

How to Earn the Referral Award

Contact the Admissions Office or fill out the form below with information for the prospective student/family. The Director of Admissions will follow up with a personal letter, using the referring family's name.