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1. Boys learn differently from girls.

Teachers at Saint Thomas Academy understand how a boy learns and as a result, are successful in implementing expert teaching techniques to achieve optimal results.

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2. The focus is 100% on boys.

Faculty and staff can focus exclusively on the needs and learning styles of boys.  Boys grow and learn at a different pace than girls do.

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3.  The social pressures are less stressful.

Boys mature later than girls do and learning in a coeducational setting can cause added stress in early adolescent years.  This is when a Saint Thomas Academy education can build confidence without the social distractions inherent in a mixed setting.

4. Activities and Athletics.

In a coeducational school, boys may shy away from joining activities, such as choir or orchestra.  Breaking down the stereotypes for boys, is one of the things Saint Thomas Academy does well.  Boys are competitive, and Saint Thomas Academy offers 15 different sports, 35 different teams and 40+ opportunities for co-curriculars.  From golf, to football, to debate and Model UN.

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5. Brotherhood for life.

Boys at Saint Thomas Academy learn the strong bonds of friendship, teamwork and a social interaction - which matter considerably later in life.  Cadets continue the connections they make at the Academy throughout their lives.

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In December 2023, an outside third-party conducted a parent survey for Saint Thomas Academy to measure the Net Promoter Score.  A Net Promoter Score can range from +100 to -100, a score of 50 or higher is considered to be a very strong score.

On a scale from 0-10, with 10 being the highest, how likely is it that you would recommend Saint Thomas Academy to a friend or colleague? 56 is our Net Promoter Score, a very strong score!

The survey also asked parents, what does Saint Thomas Academy do really well?

Our experiences this first year have so far exceeded our expectations.  Thank you!

Saint Thomas Academy lets boys be boys.  They understand their needs, sense of humor and unique learning styles.  The school provides many leadership opportunities for the boys, has high expectations for respectful behavior and supports them as they grow into men of great character.



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