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An Academic & Co-Curricular Program

The VISTA Band program has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Members regularly receive local and state awards. VISTA Band encompasses the musical talent from both STA and Visitation schools..

If you have any questions about our program, please contact Mr. John Bina, Director of Bands, at


  • To teach music by its actual performance.
  • To develop performance skills of the various wind and percussion instruments.
  • To provide for the musical needs of the school and community.
  • To develop discrimination between selections of music.
  • To acquaint students with Music Theory/Music History and how history and music composition relate to students’ current life and musical experiences.
  • To provide all students with the opportunity for worthy use of their time, a means for self-expression, and a healthy social experience while fostering leadership skills within each student.
  • To develop the ability to function as a responsible member of a group, to enhance interaction, and develop Esprit de Corps.

Band Curriculum in Brief

The performing ensembles in the VISTA instrumental music program is open to any student genuinely interested in learning and growing musically. Performing ensembles serve as a laboratory for student musicians, allowing for the synthesis of individual skills and talents into unified musical expression. While the focus of the ensemble is largely on group expression, individual musicianship is developed through daily attention to the fundamentals of music and music making. To find out more about the curricular component of Band, please see the course description handbook.


While band is an academic course offered at STA/VIS, many of our activities occur outside the regularly scheduled school day. To recognize and encourage participation in these activities, band students may earn points toward the VISTA Band letter. Points are awarded as a means of affirming student efforts and dedication to the VISTA Band program. 
Complete Letter Policy.

Fall VISTA Band Parent Information

VISTA Band Registration/Payment

The band registration fee covers Pep Band meals, student registration for the spring banquet, Pep Band uniforms, the Senior Night reception and concert hospitality.

** Please do not let financial consideration prevent you or your student from participating. Please contact the Business Office to make confidential arrangements.

Visitation – Katie Owens-Director of Financial Grants – – (651) 683-1742

Saint Thomas Academy – Pam Kunkel –Director of Business Affairs - - (651) 683-1510

STA Band Practicing


Band Section Leaders

Drum Majors Peter Bina, Jake Miller, Lauren Wohlberg
Flutes:  Christina Treacy
Clarinets: Janae Lorick
Alto Sax:  Jack Ogle
Tenor Sax/Bari Sax:  Jack Bartlett
Trumpets:  Sam Cunniff (all NEW and 9/10 grades), Anna Wolff (all 11-12 grades)
Mello/Bones/Baritones/Tuba:  Ryan Dorle
Equipment and LogisticsAdam Groh, Max Fulton, Jack Kelly
Special Projects/Band Librarian: Devin Klein, Edie Weinstein

Band Parent Organization

VISTA Band Parent Organization (BPO) Leadership Board:

President – Holly Balfour
President-Elect – Kate Horst
Communications – Mary Bartlett
Treasurer – Julie Gerend
Secretary – Molly Schoonover
Hospitality – Susan Finn and Mary Rose Turner
Banquet – Mary Fran Werner
Uniforms – Deb Link
Members At Large – Mike Wolff, Kerri Klemz, Nicole Peters

All Vista Band parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings which are forums of discussion, planning, and camaraderie to enhance and support the VISTA Band, Director of Bands, and students’ experience.

All Band Parent Organization meetings are open to all. Please watch the weekly newsletters for dates and times. For more information about the Band Parent Organization or its activities, please contact Holly Balfour, President, at

Jazz Ensemble

The Saint Thomas Academy Jazz Ensemble includes traditional Jazz instruments: saxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythm section (bass, guitar, piano, drum set). The course is open to students from both Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation.  Students will learn to study, prepare and perform jazz music from a wide variety of genres and historical periods. VISTA Jazz performs at three formal concerts and other school and community events. 

Marching Band

Pep Band

VISTA Band Tour

See below for the promotional poster for the VISTA band's shared concert in Suburban Salzburg.


STA Band Member playing at State