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VISTA Productions


Theatre department of Visitation School and Saint Thomas Academy 

Our theatre program offers students from Visitation School and Saint Thomas Academy rich  opportunities to collaborate while creating exciting and meaningful theatrical productions and  story-telling. We encourage students to recognize, explore and develop their talents through  the many disciplines of theatre arts including acting, singing, dancing, and technical production. 


Housed in the Visitation Fine Arts Center, the DeSales auditorium presents the perfect  environment for VISTA’s impressive, award-winning productions. 


VISTA Productions 

Upper School 

VISTA Productions, the upper school theatre program, produces three mainstage productions a  year: a fall play or musical, Full Circle which is a student created production in the winter and a  spring musical. Students may participate in acting, singing, dancing, scenic crew, and technical  theatre. Full Circle is based on a new theme every year and offers numerous creative and  

leadership opportunities which may include script writing, directing, and choreographing. In  addition, we also produce the VISTA Variety Show which is a two night celebration of the  outstanding talents of Vis and STA students and faculty. 

VISTA Productions 2023-24 Season

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"I am a big fine arts guy: I play the violin, I absolutely love theatre, and I really enjoy composing music. After a long school day, I get to go over to Visitation where the theatre is held, enjoy the fun people who are there, and do something I love. This has strengthened my experience at STA greatly. Other students support me at STA and attend the musicals and plays."

—STA student