2016-17 School Year

Group Accomplishments

The varsity Cross Country team placed third in the conference and eighth in the section. L. Kolar '19 qualified for the State Tournament.

The varsity Soccer team had a 12-4 record for the regular season and won the section championship. They then won the State Class A Championship—the first soccer state championship for the Academy—to finish the season 18-4.

The varsity Football team had a 5-3 record for the regular season. The team lost in the section semifinal game.

The Nordic Ski team placed second in the Conference Championship.

Individual Accomplishments

Academic All-State
P. Gould '17 (Football)
L. Kolar '19 (Cross Country)

A. Bird '18 (Soccer)
L. Davis '18 (Soccer)
D. Kennedy '17 (Soccer)
W. Mayleben '17 (Soccer)

A. Bird '18 (Soccer)
L. Davis '18 (Soccer)
M. Newcome '17 (Soccer)

S. Goaley '18 (Football)
M. Goldade '18 (Football)
B. McFadden'19 (Football)
J. Pursley '17 (Football)
T. Steveken '17 (Football)
T. Wright '17 (Football)

All-District Honorable Mention
C. Cashin '18 (Football)
W. Dyrhaug '17 (Football)
C. Flanagan '17 (Football)
A. Kuntz '19 (Football)
J. Prokop '18 (Football)

P. Bina '19 (Band)
A. Bird '18 (Soccer)
J. Boyle '17 (Band)
G. Budzius '19 (Band)
L. Davis '18 (Soccer)
P. Garry '17 (Band)
N. Kern '18 (Band)
L. Kolar '19 (Cross Country)
A. Mathews '17 (Soccer)
J. Motzel '19 (Nordic Ski)
M. Newcome '17 (Soccer)
K. Rutgers '19 (Cross Country)
T. Thurlow '19 (Cross Country)
J. Topping '19 (Band)
J. Weinstein '18 (Band)

All-Conference Honorable Mention
J. Benedict '17 (Nordic Ski)
J. Boyle '17 (Cross Country)
P. Doran '19 (Cross Country)
J. Gerend '18 (Cross Country)
P. Holmes '19 (Nordic Ski)
L. Kelii '19 (Cross Country)
D. Kennedy '17 (Soccer)
V. Lovegreen '18 (Soccer)
W. Mayleben '17 (Soccer)

South East Metro Band Directors Association Honor Bands
M. Fiest '22
A. Groh '21
N. Horst '21
Z. Klemz '21

in the news

South West Review / Inver Grove Honda's Athletes of the Week:
A. Bird '17 (Soccer) October 2016
L. Davis '18 (Soccer) November 2016
D. Kennedy '17 (Soccer) November 2016
J. Thompson '19 (Basketball) December 2016
V. Capezza '17 (Hockey) January 2017
A. Kelly '18 (Hockey) January 2017

Signing Day - February 1, 2017
J. Myran '17 - Lacrosse at Rockhurst
E. Perry '17 - Soccer at DePaul
S. Ruhland '17 - Baseball at St. Ambrose

T. Wright '17 was invited to play in the MN Football Showcase–All Star Football Game. December 2016