Hockey Team

Co-Head coaches: Tom Vannelli and Greg Vannelli,

2018 Varsity Team Banquet

Date: Wednesday, March 14
Banquet & Program: 6:00 p.m.

Location:  Southview Country Club
239 Mendota Road East, West St. Paul

Fee: $25 per person (players, managers & coaches are no cost) 

Taste of Italy Buffet
Tossed Caesar Salad
Pasta with meatballs, marinara or alfredo sauce
Vegetable Medley
Fresh Fruit


Hockey players who have paid the activity fee and student managers DO NOT need to pay for the banquet but we need to add attending students into catering number. Please fill in the name of hockey player/manager attending the banquet.
Coaches, AD office and trainer DO NOT need to pay for the banquet. Please fill in your name if you are attending the banquet.
This section is for FAMILY MEMBERS attending the banquet. All parents/guardians, siblings and grandparents are invited to attend the banquet at a cost of $25 per person.

Please use the appropriate dropdown box(es) to select the number of people attending.
x $25.00
We have set an optional donation amount of $25 per family for the coaches' thank you gifts. If the box it clicked, this will add $25 to your banquet registration. Simply unclick the box to remove this from your registration.

Guidelines for Parents of STA Team Members


Electronic Communications 

Saint Thomas Academy has a web-based e-mail program that will allow a coach or parent to send an e-mail to parents of team members. The team captain’s parent who will handle the communications should contact the STA Communications Office at after the team roster has been finalized. A mailing group will be set up and the parent will receive a username, password, and directions to use the program. Please do not let students have access to the program.

Team Budget 

Saint Thomas Academy provides funds to our athletic/activity teams for most of the essential items (coach/moderator salaries, uniforms, equipment, etc.). Many teams and clubs like to have other events and items (such as dinners and team shirts) that have traditionally been arranged by you, the captains’ parents. Before each season you determine the fee you charge to each team member. This fee should be supported by a budget that has been reviewed with the team coach/moderator and the Director of Athletics and Activities (AD) and Assistant AD. The purpose of the review is to have open communication between parents, coaches/moderators, and the school, and to determine that the amount parents are asked to contribute is necessary, reasonable, and affordable.

Financial Process 

Each team/club has an account assigned to it by the business office. A captain’s parent, acting as the team treasurer, has the following responsibilities and should follow these guidelines:

  • After reviewing the budget with the AD and Assistant AD, submit a copy of the team budget to the Business Manager (Pam Kunkel).
  • Collect fees. All checks must be made out to STA and then deposited with the business office (Julie Schwietz).
  • Please make sure to use the STA tax-exempt certificate to avoid paying tax on some items.  All requests for reimbursement to parents and payment to vendors must be handled with the business office (Julie Schwietz). 
  • Direct any questions to the business office – Pam Kunkel at 651-683-1510 or, or Julie Schwietz at 651-683-1530 or

Team Apparel 

Saint Thomas Academy administrators recognize that team-specific apparel is a means to build camaraderie and team identity but the following steps need to be followed:

  • Before printing, all material (brochures, fact sheets, end-of-year highlights, etc.) must be submitted to the STA communications office for approval as the school name, logo, and crest are the property of STA.
  • All team apparel must meet the established school guidelines for name, logo, and crest usage. Mary Waldvogel in the Cadet Maker Bookstore (651-683-1535 or is an excellent resource to order apparel. Please keep in mind that the key to team apparel is AFFORDABILITY for all members.

Team Banquet 

Saint Thomas Academy administrators have established a maximum of $35 per person for each team’s banquet. There are a number of facilities where you can spend less (we recommend between $25 and $30 per person):

  • On-site – Taher, Inc. will assist you with your banquet at school (651-683-1543)
  • Off-site – in previous years, teams have used Southview Country Club, Mendakota Country Club, or the Bloomington Hilton for a quality, low-cost banquet.

School contacts if you have questions

Director of Athletics and Activities –
Bob Slater ( or 651-683-1503)

Assistant Director of Athletics and Activities –
Julie Marks ( or 651-683-1512)

Communications and Name/Logo Use –
Deborah Edwards ( or 651-683-1532)

Team Apparel –
Mary Waldvogel ( or 651-683-1535)

Budget and Finances –
Business Manager, Pam Kunkel ( or 651-683-1510)

Thank you for your cooperation!