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Sports Medicine

Sports and Orthopedic Specialists has provided athletic training services to Saint Thomas Academy since 2004.  Our athletic trainer,  has the knowledge, experience, and skills to evaluate and treat your son’s injuries should the situation occur. In addition, our trainer has immediate access to physicians if needed. All of our physicians are fellowship trained sub-specialists who focus their expertise on one or two body parts. We provide team physician coverage to the Minnesota Twins and Metropolis Rugby, as well as several colleges and high schools in the metro area, including Saint Thomas Academy. Our trainer can help facilitate getting your son seen immediately by a physician. Please do not hesitate to utilize the trainer; this will allow us to be aware of the situation and keep you, the coaches, and administration informed of your son’s status. Our athletic trainer can be contacted at 651-683-1525.

Treatment/Injury Rehab:

Athletic Trainers are contracted by the school to serve our student-athletes and are available for consultation each day after school from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Athletes who need to see the Trainer should advise their coaches that they may be absent from a portion of practice. Parents desiring specific information regarding a student-athlete’s injuries or rehabilitation are encouraged to call the Athletic Trainer at 651-683-1525.

Return to Play:

If an athlete is seen by a physician for an injury or illness that keeps him out of practices/games, he MUST have a signed doctors' note or "Return to Play" form before he is allowed to resume participation. The paperwork can be faxed to the athletic office at 651-683-1519 or given directly to the athletic trainer.

Nutrition Guidelines for Athletes:
All these points are covered in-depth in the file.
  • Be smart about nutrition supplementation
  • Be smart when dining out
  • Breakfast is for champions
  • Develop a habit of eating frequently - Learn HOW TO EAT
  • Don't underestimate the importance of snacking
  • Have a plan to achieve success
  • Learn how to time your nutrient intake
  • Nutrition is your secret weapon
  • Stay hydrated
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ImPact Testing:

Saint Thomas Academy and Sports and Orthopaedics Specialists offer an innovative concussion management program for athletes or individuals who are at risk for a concussion. The program is called ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) and involves an online exam that each athlete takes prior to the athletic season. This baseline test can be administered at Saint Thomas Academy or at a Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists clinic. Retesting every year is recommended for maturing individuals. Baseline testing is done on the Saint Thomas Academy campus, administered by the athletic trainer.  All costs for the baseline testing and post-injury testing for school-sponsored activities are covered by Saint Thomas Academy. 

SPRING Concussion Testing Schedule

February 26 at 3:15pm

March 4 at 3:15pm

March 11 at 3:15pm

March 25 at 3:15pm

All tests will be administered in the Learning Lab (Computer lab in the Library) at Saint Thomas Academy. The times are listed for after school and will start at 3:15pm sharp. If a Student Athlete shows up after this time they will have to come back and take the test on a different day. The Learning Lab can only hold 25 people at a time.


Concussion Information:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Web site provides credible, unbiased health information.