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Junior Gold
Junior Gold
Junior Gold
Junior Gold

STA Junior Gold Hockey alums Patrick O’Meara (18) and Max Schuman (17) faced off in a weekend series at the U.S. Naval Academy. 

Junior Gold

From the Minnesota Hockey website:

“Most players growing up in Minnesota dream of playing for their high school hockey team. Unfortunately, those rosters are limited to 20 players. In some communities, there can be as many as a hundred or more players competing for those coveted spots. Simple math says there will be kids left out who need a place to play.

Junior Gold hockey provides another opportunity for high school age players to continue playing while developing their skills. Junior Gold has grown in a fantastic level of hockey with considerable skill and opportunities for player development. Many players have made their high school team after playing a season or two of Junior Gold, and some Junior Gold players have even gone onto play after high school in junior leagues.”

Saint Thomas Academy fully supports the STA Junior Gold Hockey Program and encourages interested student players to continue having fun playing hockey, represent their school and compete at an advanced level.  Many Junior Gold athletes continue playing hockey after high school with their college club hockey teams or other competitive adult leagues.


Junior Gold questions may be directed to Bill McCarthy, Health and Physical Education Department Chair, Coach.

Team Information

There are three teams:  Junior Gold A and B (Seniors and Juniors), and Junior Gold 16 (Freshmen and Sophomores).

The teams are selected following competitive tryouts following the completion of High School team selection.  Junior Gold teams will be on the ice an average 3-4 times per week including practices and games.  

All Saint Thomas Academy Junior Gold teams play in the Metro Hockey League.

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The teams play 24 league games and 2 tournaments.

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District play downs and possibly the state tournament follow the regular season. 

Player fees are similar to bantam traveling hockey.

Historically teams are comprised of 15-17 skaters and one or two goaltenders.  This can vary from year to year depending on the number of available players.

Scheduling of games and ice time involves the Saint Thomas Ice Arena and surrounding teams’ arenas.  From time to time nearby local arenas are also used for practice time.

Players will receive Game uniforms (Jersey/Socks) and practice jerseys.  All other equipment is the responsibility of the individual player. Players are also responsible for their own transportation to all games, practices and team events.

2018-2019 JGB in Duluth

Coaching Staff

Junior Gold 16 - Head Coach
Curt Cooper

Junior Gold B – Head Coach
Casey Erickson

Junior Gold A – Head Coach
Bill McCarthy

Player Expectations and Conduct

By developing young men of high character, with strong work ethic and commitment, the Saint Thomas Academy Junior Gold Hockey program will support the rules, policies and regulations of Saint Thomas Academy, USA Hockey and the Minnesota State High School League as they pertain to attendance, academics and substance use.  As Outlined in the Student Handbook, disciplinary consequences involving these regulations will be applied.

Please note:  Players who are late, not in school, or tardy to class during the school day will not be permitted to participate in that day’s practice or game.

Players are required to register with USA hockey.  Once the teams have been selected, waivers may be needed from other (home) associations.  These waivers are required by District 8. 

All participating players must complete base concussion testing from STA and document athletic clearance from the School Athletic Department prior to the season.

2019 ImPACT/Concussion Testing

The following is a list of dates and times that are available to complete the ImPACT/Concussion testing required for winter sports. The dates and times are as follows: 

Sat. 10/5 from 5-6pm (Hockey only)
Mon. 10/7 at 3:15pm
Wed. 10/9 at 3:15pm
Thur. 10/17 at 3:15pm
Wed. 10/23 at 3:15pm

Tue. 10/29 at 3:15pm
Mon. 11/4 at 3:15pm
Mon. 11/11 at 3:15pm (HS Hockey Tryouts begin this day)
Mon. 11/18 at 3:15pm (after the start of the HS hockey season)

Participation in STA Junior Gold Hockey is conditioned on payment in full of all fees and jersey deposits (or prior arrangement for payment with STA).

Players are expected to participate in all events: practices, games, tournaments and team events – even during school breaks and holidays.

Team Rosters

STA JG teams play in the Metro Hockey League.  ( 

All 3 teams will play 24 regular season games.

The regular season begins December 2nd  and ends February 21st.  With the playoffs the next week, February 25th  through March 1st, the 2019-2020 Junior Gold State Tournament will take place March 13th, 14th and 15th.

A column or connection to each team’s individual schedule

Junior Gold Tournaments

Each team will play in 2 “in-town” tournaments:

JG16 Tournaments – Hockey One in Blaine (Dec. 20-22), Edina (Jan. 9-12)
JGB Tournaments – Edina (Jan. 9-12), WBL (Feb. 13-16)
JGA Tournaments – Hockey One in Blaine (Dec. 20-22), WBL (Feb. 13-16)

MHL Playoffs take place from February 25 until March 1. 
The MHL playoffs will be played at Braemar Arena.
The JG state Tournament is held March 13-14-15. * 
The 2019-2020 State Tournament will be played at Woog Arena.
*Note: The State Tournament dates coincide with the first 2 days of the Saint
Thomas Academy spring break which runs from March 14-22.

With the playoffs the next week, February 25th  through March 1st, the 2019-2020 Junior Gold State Tournament will take place March 13th, 14th and 15th.

Driving links to each venue

Pre-Season - Tryouts


STA Junior Gold offers five 1-hour no-cost pre-season skating/clinic sessions. 
(all sessions are one hour and open to all students grades 9-12.)

 Day Date Arena Time

Monday September 30 Pleasant 6:40 PM
Monday October 7 Pleasant 7:50 PM 
Tuesday October 15 Pleasant 6:40 PM
Monday October 21 Pleasant 5:20 PM 
Wednesday November 6 Highland North 4:20 PM

Players must have a current and valid USA Hockey registration number to participate.  They will be required to register with USA Hockey for the 2019-2020 season, before participating in these sessions

(2018-19 USA Hockey numbers are still valid only through August 30, 2019.)

Please bring a hard copy of your registration to Mr. McCarthy before the sessions begin or to the arena on the night of the clinic.  PLAYERS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT PROOF OF A CURRENT AND VALID USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION.

Team Try-outs

Try-out schedule

The 2019-2020 Tryouts are scheduled for the week of November 11.  These take place after the completion or reassignment from the high school tryouts.  The tryouts are currently scheduled for November 15th, 16th and 17th.  

Saturday Nov. 16 2:30 PM Saint Thomas Arena
3:40 PM Saint Thomas Arena
4:50 PM Saint Thomas Arena
Sunday Nov. 17th 6:30 PM Saint Thomas Arena

Note:  There is the possibility that some ice times will be added or altered depending on the availability of fall-sport athletes. 

Junior Gold criteria for player evaluation and team selection

  1. To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player’s skills and performance.

  2. To ensure players have a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate individual skills and abilities.

  3. To assess a player’s overall knowledge and performance in reasonable game-related game situations using the following areas:

For Skaters:

Skating – speed, quickness, agility, technique
Passing – technique, control, vision
Puck Control – technique, open ice and confined spaces
Shooting – technique, accuracy, velocity
Game Understanding – Principles of offense and defense 

For Goalies:

Skating – Agility and positioning
Positional play – reaction to shooters
Hands, gloves, stick play and control
Rebounds and puck control
Game management 

 A player’s performance during a combination of individual skill-related drills, game-situation drills, and scrimmaging will contribute to the final selection of each team.

All teams will be selected solely by contributions from all Junior Gold coaching staff members.  The Head Coach of each team will make the final decision regarding the players assigned to his team.

Registration and Payment

Players are asked to wait until teams have been selected before registering and submitting payment.

On-line payment Link 

All players selected for STA Junior Gold Hockey must register and pay in full, on-line, by accessing the JG Registration and Payment section on the school’s website,, before the season starts.  There are no exceptions to on-line registration and full payment.  Once this has been completed the player will be provided a team uniform and permitted to participate in on-ice and other team events. 

Those players in need of financial assistance must make arrangements directly with the school’s Athletic Director.  In such circumstance, the player will be required to complete all other sections of the on-line registration to be eligible to participate on the team.


2017-18 Junior Gold STAte Champions!

Junior Gold hockey in its current form, dates back to 2005 in Minnesota.  Junior Gold A, B and 16 levels were formalized replacing Midget and Juvenile programs.  There have been State Champions declared at the JGA level dating back to 1956.  

Junior Gold at Saint Thomas Academy began in 2008 for one year with one Junior Gold B team. The team finished 5th in their division.  The program was expanded to 2 teams in 2012, when an under 16 was added.  A third team was added, JGA for the 2018-2019 season and was a state tournament participant.  The Saint Thomas Academy JGB team has won 2 State Championships (2016, 2018). The JG16 has made 1 state tournament appearance (2019) and finished as the state runner up in 2019.

Year Team League Record      Coach
2018-2019        JGA            7-14-3 Jim Eha
2018-2019 JGB 12-11-1

Casey Erickson

2018-2019 JG16 17-5-2 Bill McCarthy (State Runners Up)
2017-2018 JGB 21-3-0 Jim Eha (State Champions)
2017-2018 JG16 20-3-1 Bill McCarthy
2016-2017 JGB 19-4-1 Jim Eha
2016-2017 JG16 13-8-3 Bill McCarthy
2015-2016 JGB 18-4-2 Jim Eha (State Champions)
2015-2016 JG16 13-8-3  
2014-2015 JGB 18-4-2 Jim Eha
2014-2015 JG16 13-9-3 Aaron Hoiland
2012-2013 JG16 12-9-3  
2008-2009 JGB unknown record  


Helpful Links

Parent Involvment

The Junior Gold Hockey Program relies on the volunteer efforts of the parents.  Please consider volunteering for positions your team will need: team manager, clock, score sheet, penalty box, etc.


Minnesota Hockey Concussion Information:  

Safe Sport Program

Minnesota Hockey Safesport Program:

We are looking for parents to host 1 of 3 team breakfasts during the season

Parents are requested to sign up for volunteer help on both home and away game nights.

Banquet information

Team Store

Junior Gold Team Store


Hockey Team Store