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Junior Gold

Junior Gold

From the Minnesota Hockey website:

“Most players growing up in Minnesota dream of playing for their high school hockey team. Unfortunately, those rosters are limited to 20 players. In some communities, there can be as many as a hundred or more players competing for those coveted spots. Simple math says there will be kids left out who need a place to play.

Junior Gold hockey provides another opportunity for high school age players to continue playing while developing their skills. Junior Gold has grown in a fantastic level of hockey with considerable skill and opportunities for player development. Many players have made their high school team after playing a season or two of Junior Gold, and some Junior Gold players have even gone onto play after high school in junior leagues.”

Saint Thomas Academy fully supports the STA Junior Gold Hockey Program and encourages interested student players to continue having fun playing hockey, represent their school and compete at an advanced level.  Many Junior Gold athletes continue playing hockey after high school with their college club hockey teams or other competitive adult leagues.

Junior Gold questions may be directed to Bill McCarthy, Health and Physical Education Department Chair, Coach.

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