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An image of four faculty members of Saint Thomas Academy

Give Day is October 13, 2020!

Each year, we rely on our Academy community of parents, students, grandparents, alumni and friends to help bridge the gap between tuition paid and the actual cost of delivering a Saint Thomas Academy education.  

Often times, when people hear a nebulous term like 'annual fund', they think it's a slush fund. The reality is that the Aquinas Annual Fund does cover a wide variety of school needs, but these needs are targeted and identifiable. The Aquinas Annual Fund ensures every student has access to the school lunch program; it ensures every field trip and co-curricular is available to each of our students; it ensures that our faculty can access the most up-to-date professional development opportunities; it ensures that any family falling upon hard times doesn't lose access to a high quality Saint Thomas Academy education.

The Aquinas Annual Fund is THE fund the school relies upon the most, and Give Day is our single greatest day of giving to support this fund.

Click the images below (some faces that might be familiar to you!) to read what our teachers have to say, and check back regularly for the changing gallery of faces and interviews!

I have amazing, hard working, and dedicated colleagues and I work with outstanding young men. 
- Tony Kinzley


Students who graduate from STA are certainly prepared to excel in college, but they also continue to hold themselves to high standards as they progress through life.
 - Rebecca Benz


Saint Thomas Academy is amazing because of the quality of the people that work here, the willingness to challenge the students to think, and the patience to let them come to their own conclusions.
 - Josh Kaeppe


No matter the adversities you face, Saint Thomas Academy broadens your horizons and gives you the chance to succeed in multiple facets of life."  - David Hicks III '06


Without the generous contributions of donors, many students would not have the opportunity to attend Saint Thomas Academy. The socioeconomic diversity helps provide a well rounded student experience. Also, the Academy is beautifully maintained and viewed as a prestigious school because of donors like you.  - Finn Chalmers '22


What sets Saint Thomas Academy apart from most schools is our legacy. We as Cadets are highly regarded in the community as good and disciplined people - Graham Sukup '24