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$400,000 To Go

The Finish Line Is In Sight!

The pool at Saint Thomas Academy opened in 1965, in O’Shaughnessy Hall.  The pool has been utilized to its capacity for 57 years and is home to nearly 30 state championships between STA and Visitation.  In addition to hosting championships for both schools, the pool has also served the community.  The pool has had a great run but now needs to be replaced.

It is time to boldly move into the future by building a new aquatic center for the combined Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation communities.  A new pool that will serve as a place where our student athletes will train and compete and that both schools can utilize for curriculum based initiatives.  Furthermore, this facility will allow competitive swimmers from all over the Twin Cities, from swim clubs and CAA schools, to showcase their talents in what will be the premiere high school aquatic center.

Join Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School in this effort to build a new aquatic center and propel our facilities into the future.

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