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We nurture each student in ways that strengthen…

Image of Community Mass

Faith is a grounding principle in a young man's life and fosters selflessness and compassion. As such, we encourage boys to explore and develop their faith through our community service, theology coursework and Catholic tenets.

Image of Yenika Fondgugallah playing basketball

Whether on the field, court or ice, or in the classroom, lab or studio, cadets consistently demonstrate excellence developed through unwavering commitment, practice, teamwork and instruction by the finest coaches and faculty who excel at teaching boys.

Jose Melendez Jr. in Full Class A

A character trait can only be instilled, not taught, integrity defines Saint Thomas Academy cadets.

Cadet Colonel Mitchell MacDonald saluting Rear Admiral Crowley

Unquantifiable on college entrance exams, the development of a deep respect for authority and others is inherent in our military leadership program.