A Resource for Media

The Academy has many unique stories, students, and events worthy of media coverage. Looking for story ideas, interview subjects, or visuals? Please contact us.

Helping the Media Produce Great Stories

The Academy’s history, culture, and reputation for raising up strong leaders for business, the community, and the church set us apart from other educational institutions and make great foundations for media stories. We’re happy to contribute to stories, whether on educational trends or profiles of outstanding students, faculty members, or programs. Our media contacts can help you develop a story idea or brainstorm topics that may be of interest to your audiences, or coordinate logistics for covering an event. Faculty and students can also contribute editorial content upon request.

If you’d like to learn more about Saint Thomas Academy, please contact us for a background meeting and a tour.

Media Contact:

Amy Nugent—Renown Marketing
amy (at) renownmarketing (dot) com

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