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What Makes Saint Thomas Academy Unique?

Saint Thomas Academy is unique. It’s not “just” a boys’ school and not “just” a military school. It’s the best of both of those, a place where the call to leadership bonds boys as brothers, where a historic past leads to future greatness.

Why Choose a Boys' School?

According to the National Coalition of Boys’ Schools, boys attending boys’ schools:

  • Are understood and celebrated
  • Develop into young men of character
  • Know how to make honorable choices
  • Learn effectively from faculty who tailor their courses and teaching to boys
  • Explore diverse interests and pursue their fullest potential
  • Find a new comfort level with nontraditional subjects and activities
  • Become emotionally literate young men
  • Form a bond of brotherhood with classmates that lasts a lifetime

Why did you choose Saint Thomas Academy?

Our community members describe what they love about being part of the Saint Thomas Academy experience.

"I met several of my best, lifelong friends in Middle School, including Nick McCarthy '02, who now teaches Spanish.  You don't think of it when you're 12 years old, but some of these guys you're building relationships with will be among the most important people throughout your life." 
- Tony Capecchi '02

"It starts in Middle School and it's hard to quantify, but these students come out as truly good people - confident, polite and able to relate to others.  Saint Thomas Academy knows how to build great men." 
- Sue Applebaum, mother of Drew '13, Sam '18, and Wil '21

"I love the energy these young men bring to the classroom. They can be themselves without worrying about what young ladies might think. This means they can be goofy or intellectually curious. These young men have wonderful bonds with each other, a brotherhood. Saint Thomas Academy is a special place. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a community."
- Anne Phillips, Mathematics teacher

The term 'brotherhood' is overused. You hear it on practically every sports broadcast until it doesn't even really mean much. But at Saint Thomas Academy every boy has brothers for life.

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