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A place where boys thrive
Your son will thrive in our all-male school that serves as a catalyst for academic potential, for confident exploration, for social development in a safe environment. Here, he will become part of a deeply rooted, lifelong brotherhood – a brotherhood dating back to our founding in 1885.

“This is a school where it’s cool and good to be the smartest guy in class. Everybody wants to be like that. That’s not many places. I think the all-boys makes it even more so, because there’s that safety, there’s that brotherhood, there’s that ‘I’m not worried about being too smart.’”

Learning tailored to boys
Our sole focus on young men allows us to tailor our curriculum and teaching to boys’ unique learning style. Our faculty expertly design their lectures, classroom exercises, homework and hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to reach and inspire your son.

“I’ve never been in a school where it’s so accepted to be smart and get good grades, and they support each other.”

Developing emotionally healthy boys
The teenage years can be challenging for boys navigating new and unfamiliar emotions and expanding social pressures often exacerbated in a co-ed environment. Our single-sex setting allows boys to be boys, among their peers, encouraging healthy emotional development. In the absence of girls, your son will be less concerned about being perceived negatively. Further, the all-male environment allows our faculty and administrators to be highly attuned to the communications styles, motivations and emotional temptations of boys.

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