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Military Leadership

Military Leadership Teaches Valuable Character-Building Skills

As an independent military institute, Saint Thomas Academy calls on principles of military structure and training to teach your son important life skills, including teamwork, respect for authority, leadership from the top and within, individual excellence and self-discipline – all of which will serve him well in college and in his career. We believe our military leadership program is essential to a college-prep education and the Saint Thomas Academy experience.

The military leadership curriculum teaches:

·       Leadership skills
·       Planning and execution of events/activities
·       Teamwork
·       How to be a good follower
·       Decision making
·       Problem solving
·       Goal setting
·       Mentorship/counseling
·       Self-discipline
·       Punctuality
·       Appearance standards
·       Selfless-service
·       Respect for authority
·       Character/integrity
·       Citizenship and patriotism
·       How to be a gentleman


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2nd Graders at Risen Christ were inspired by Saint Thomas Academy's Crack Drill Squad! 

“When I enrolled at Saint Thomas Academy, I was nervous about the military aspect. I didn’t know what purpose it served. Now as a senior, I know it has taught me valuable leadership and life skills and fostered a deep bond of brotherhood with my classmates that will last throughout my life.”   - Saint Thomas Academy student 

“There’s a lot of connection between grades, which is fostered by the military platoons where mentorship is encouraged. In their squads, they learn that everyone has a role, and value, even the freshmen. They can contribute even if they don’t have the same rank.”  - Faculty member 

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