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Military Leadership

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Want Your Son to Become a Leader?

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Character Development

Saint Thomas Academy is a place for developing excellence in boys, so they not only do well in their endeavors but they live well in their lives.  The complete process of the Academy's education and development is meant to build a boy into a man - a man of character.  When boys explore questions of ethics, morality and spirituality - they grow in greater understanding of their own worldview.  Young men feel excited about the opportunity to create their own identity and begin to step into the belief that character, respect and integrity will help them achieve their goals.  

Military Leadership - The Leaders of Tomorrow

Saint Thomas Academy was built specifically for boys growing into men - so they could learn, lead and grow together - the ideal place for leadership development.  Respectful, resiliency, motivation, self-discipline and confidence are some of the many outcomes.  The Academy experience is truly unique.

Successful leadership programs foster camaraderie, a sense of belonging a brotherhood and many opportunities for service and leadership.  Everything we do is tied to our mission educating and developing boys into men of character - integral elements of strong leadership.

The Saint Thomas Academy Honor Guard at a Memorial Day event

Traditions at Saint Thomas Academy

Reviews (Grandparents' Day, Brigade Formal Inspection)
Cadet Colonel Ceremony
Military Ball 

A Saint Thomas Academy cadet and his date marching for the Grand March at Military Ball

Military Promotions & Awards

Cadet of the Quarter
Cadet of the Year
Top 14 (Junior Officer selections)
Command Leadership Positions

A Saint Thomas Academy cadet receiving an award during Military Awards Night
Juniors volunteering at Crosby Farm

Fleming Alumni Veterans Award

In 2007, the administration of Saint Thomas Academy approved a new award to honor our veteran graduates. The award is called the Fleming Alumni Veteran Award, or simply the “Fleming Medal,” in honor of Captain Richard Fleming ‘35, our most highly-decorated graduate. Fleming received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Midway in 1942.

In 2008, a design competition was held for cadets to create a medal that would capture the themes of Saint Thomas Academy, military service, and country. Cadet Andrew Sheaffer ‘08 won the competition. His design superimposed the Maltese cross worn on the Cadet Class A lapel with the school crest, crossed rifle and saber, and four blue stones to symbolize the pillars of Saint Thomas Academy. At the top of the medal is inscribed the Latin phrase Pro Deo et Patria, “For God and Country.” We would like to thank the Class of 2008, whose senior gift funded this effort.

Nominate A Veteran Graduate Here

Cadet Colonel Mitchell MacDonald saluting Rear Admiral Crowley

Why the Military Education Model Works

The military structure defines roles and responsibilities, provides leadership opportunities and encourages decision making.  The model also provides a clear set of rewards for exceptional performances and consequences when standards are not met.  Cadets learn to take orders before given the authority to give others orders.  Through this process, a cadet learns that he is responsible to his fellow students for his actions.

The Corps of Cadets is organized as a brigade with typical military structure that gives promotions based on academic achievement, conduct, proven leadership abilities, discipline, sportsmanship and adherence to the Academy's values of Faith, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

Cadet leaders have a unique responsibility as their actions affect not only themselves but their fellow students.  The Corps of Cadets consists of an army style Brigade split into three Battalions and divided into eight companies - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Band and Honor Guard.

A Saint Thomas Academy cadet saluting in a line during a pass and review

Academic Excellence

Excellence in academics stems from passionate teachers, a challenging curriculum, a structured learning environment and positive role models - all essential pieces of the Saint Thomas Academy Cadet Experience.

We are determined to give the cadets at Saint Thomas Academy an outstanding educational experience to prepare them for life after graduation.  Our core curriculum is based on our college-preparatory curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses.  As our graduates head off to prestigious colleges, universities and service academies, they move into the world with a greater sense of identity, purpose and moral compass.

The Saint Thomas Academy Crack Drill team at an event , posing by a fire truck

Clubs & Activities

Color Guard
Honor Guard
Ranger Team
Rifle Team
Canoneer Club
Crack Drill

An image of the Saint Thomas Academy Crack Drill squad posed for their yearbook photo

“When I enrolled at Saint Thomas Academy, I was nervous about the military aspect. I didn’t know what purpose it served. Now as a senior, I know it has taught me valuable leadership and life skills and fostered a deep bond of brotherhood with my classmates that will last throughout my life.”   - Saint Thomas Academy student 

“There’s a lot of connection between grades, which is fostered by the military platoons where mentorship is encouraged. In their squads, they learn that everyone has a role, and value, even the freshmen. They can contribute even if they don’t have the same rank.”  - Faculty member