On behalf of the Fathers’ Club Advisory Board, welcome to the Saint Thomas Academy Fathers’ Club community. Simply by virtue of a boy’s enrollment at STA, his father, step-father, guardian, or male father-figure in his life is a member of the STA Fathers’ Club. We enthusiastically encourage involvement and participation in Fathers’ Club, but don’t feel as if this is a “pay-to-play” proposition: While we certainly accept and encourage the voluntary dues and contributions that help fund our activities and events, dues payments are not mandatory for participation in Fathers’ Club or its activities. 

The overall mission of the Fathers’ Club has always been threefold:

  • To support the goals and mission of the school;
  • To support our sons in an effort to enhance their overall experience while at the Academy; and
  • To provide a positive leadership role model for our sons.

  • STA Fathers’ Club 2018 Spring Schedule

April 14th STA Fathers’ Club Trivia Night
– 2ND ANNUAL!! 6pm Social, 7pm Competition

April 20th STA Family Fun Night
– Beer Garden Hosted by STA Fathers’ Club
VOLUNTEER Starting at 5:00pm!

May 4th First Friday Mass – 7:15am STA Chapel Fathers, Sons, & Alumni

May 4th STA Track Team Catholic Invite Meet – SPOTLIGHT
– Grilling Famous Fathers’ Club Burger Baskets!
VOLUNTEER Starting at 3pm!

May 12th STA Military Ball
– Fathers’ Club Valet Parking followed by Social
VOLUNTEER starting at 6pm!

May 14th STA Lacrosse – SPOTLIGHT
– Grilling Famous Fathers’ Club Burger Baskets!
VOLUNTEER starting at 5pm!

May 17th STA Baseball – SPOTLIGHT
– Grilling Famous Fathers’ Club Burger Baskets!
VOLUNTEER starting at 3:15pm!

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We invite you to make a donation

In addition to offering your time and talents, we respectfully ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to Fathers’ Club as a means for us to continue our efforts of serving our community. Some of you may have made your donation through your student tuition contract—Thank You! If you would like to make an additional donation, or did not donate with the contract, you may do so by completing the contact and donation information below. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Up to $35 - Every dollar helps!
  • $36 - $99 - Above and beyond...we are grateful!
  • $100 - $249 - Are you kidding me? You're awesome.
  • $250 or more - See our Chaplain for a special blessing.