Mission and Tradition

The overall mission of the Fathers’ Club has always been threefold:

  • To support the goals and mission of the school;
  • To support our sons in an effort to enhance their overall experience while at the Academy; and
  • To provide a positive leadership role model for our sons.

The Fathers’ Club continues that mission and the tradition of providing interactive events that enhance the Saint Thomas Academy experience for the fathers and boys of our community, as well as for STA families and the greater STA community. All Fathers' Club activities are intended to be consistent with and support each of the school's goals and to provide positive role modeling as we develop our sons to be young men of dignity, integrity and respect.

Events are dads-only or joint events with the STA Mothers’ Club, providing an opportunity to get to know each other and to better understand and appreciate the greater Saint Thomas Academy community. Our meetings provide an opportunity to hear about STA policy, programming, and academics from the administration and academic staff, as well as a chance to discuss issues of concern and to help direct Fathers’ Club initiatives and activities.