Middle School Uniform


Uniform Sale - October 16 - November 5 Fall-Sale_2017.pdf

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, families must purchase most uniform items at Donald's Uniform in St. Paul. The Middle School Uniform is NOT sold at the new or used Uniform Sale at STA. This new uniform is required for all new and returning students.

To be purchased at Donald’s Uniform store:

  • Navy pants
  • Long-sleeved blue shirt
  • Short-sleeved blue shirt (optional)
  • Tie

To be purchased at Donald's or other stores:

  • Plain black dress shoes
    • Loafer or tie oxford that can be polished
    • No suede shoes, moccasins, casual, coaching, tennis shoes or boots
  • Plain black socks – Socks must be mid-calf. No ankle socks. No logos. No sport socks.
  • Plain white crew neck t-shirt to be worn under uniform shirt.
  • Black belt