Volunteer Opportunities

The Mothers’ Club is blessed to be involved in many activities at Saint Thomas Academy. One of the strengths of the Mothers’ Club is our community outreach efforts, both within and beyond our school family. The volunteer opportunities are numerous and can accommodate the schedules of both working and at-home mothers/guardians. We encourage all of you to participate in the Mothers’ Club and experience the rewards of being involved. There is something for everyone to partake in!


Parents are asked to assist teachers and administrators during the lunch periods. If you are available to help out between 11:15 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., please sign up for a shift at SignUpGenius.com.

Simply check all of the areas in which you wish to volunteer. Your selection(s) will be forwarded to the respective Committee Chair(s) who will contact you to discuss the details. Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate!

 Grade Level Representatives
 Alumni Representatives
 Liturgy & Music Ministry for special Masses
 Welcome new families
 Baking/cooking needs for families
 Student receptions after school Masses
 Mothers Helping Our Community
 Eucharistic Adoration
 Environmental planters
 Garment bags
 Student Lost & Found
 Volunteer at Large
 Volunteer Coordinator
 Grandparents Day
 Taste of STA
 Fall Harvest Mass & Meal
 Mother / Son Christmas Mass & Brunch
 Christmas Ornaments
 Christmas decorations
 Faculty Appreciation Events
 Mothers’ Morning of Prayer
 Community Auction
 New high school uniform sales
 Used high school uniform sale
 Used high school uniform store
 Spring Mothers’ Mass & Luncheon
 Military Ball decorations

STA Mother's Club Membership

All mothers and guardians whose sons are enrolled at Saint Thomas Academy are members of the Mothers’ Club.

Some of our sons’ most memorable Saint Thomas Academy moments are experiences sponsored or supported by the Mothers’ Club, founded in 1938. These traditional events and evolving opportunities for students, families, faculty and staff contribute greatly to what makes Saint Thomas Academy a truly special community. 

By registering with the Mothers’ Club, please indicate how you wish to participate: As a volunteer, a financial supporter, or both! Your registration helps assure the vitality of our 70-plus year tradition of enhancing life at Saint Thomas Academy.

Please make your donation online

In addition to offering your time and talents, we respectfully ask you to consider making a tax-deductible membership fee donation to the Mothers’ Club as a means for us to continue our efforts of serving our community. Some of you may have made your donation through your student tuition contract—Thank You! If you would like to make an additional donation, or did not donate with the contract, you may do so by completing the contact and donation information below. Thank you for your generosity!