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Student Services


We are committed to supporting students who struggle to succeed via regular channels. These students are capable yet challenged because of an identified learning difference (examples include but are not limited to: ADHD, Reading Disorder, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Math Disorder, etc). We are not a tutor of content or a remedial teacher. We work with students to develop strategies that will allow them to be successful in the classroom. In this regard, our primary role is to work with students with a diagnosed learning difference. Some of the challenges we address with our students are:

  • Diagnosed disabilities
  • D’s or F’s in multiple subjects
  • On academic supervision or academic probation
  • Gathering student information to assist them in their academic success
  • Working directly with students regarding their learning needs
  • Monitoring the progress of students on our caseload
  • Monitor Flex Time for students who require an extra level of support
  • Monitor Middle School study hall for students who require an extra level of support

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Our team is committed to respecting the rights of confidentiality entitled to each person in the counselor-counselee relationship. However, there are certain circumstances mandated by law in which information must be provided by the counselor to other parties. These circumstances are stated below:

  • If the counselor has reason to believe the counselee is in danger of harming himself/herself or others.
  • If the counselee reveals information indicating another person(s) is in danger of harming himself/herself or others.
  • If the counselee has been, or is currently, a victim or perpetrator of physical or sexual abuse or a perpetrator of vulnerable adult abuse.
  • If the counselee or parent/legal guardian formally requests a release of information to a health professional outside of the school setting.
  • If a court orders a release of information.


We provide suggestions, insights, and resources to help teachers better understand how your son learns. We act as liaisons between the school psychologist, administration, parents, and students in collaboration with the teacher. In this capacity, we serve as a resource for all including teachers regarding teaching strategies, learning styles, and classroom environment.


We team with parents so they are knowledgeable of the expectations regarding Saint Thomas Academy. We help parents become partners in our efforts to bring about better academic success for their sons in these ways:

  • We offer parents learning strategies and study suggestions so they may support their sons at home.
  • We facilitate and attend meetings with teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, and administrators to act as a resource person for those involved.
  • We are available at conferences and open houses to answer questions or concerns regarding your son and his learning differences.


Katie Schultz
Director of Student Services
651-683-1507 and


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Jackie VanDiver
Learning Specialist
651-683-1523 and

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