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Cadet Communications Quick Start

Saint Thomas Academy is a large school with much going on at all times.  It's what makes the Academy such an exciting place, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the information you want and need. Here is a communications guide to help.

All parents and students have their own Unified Classroom login and the information is customized for you; please do not use each other's accounts to access Unified Classroom.

1. The Basics – What You Need to Know:

  • Read the Weekly Newsletter email each Thursday evening.  You may also bookmark online at 
  • Read any emails from the Headmaster, Division Heads or Assistants and teachers.
  • Save and use the Calendar and the highlighted Key Dates for the 2020–2021 School year.

2. Intermediate – All of the Above Plus a Little More Info:

  • Read alerts and other communications from athletic teams your son participates in via TeamSnap.  
  • Push School Calendars to your personal calendar, via gmail integration. Access the Calendar and click on the gray RSS icon on the right side of the page.
  • Saint Thomas Academy utilizes email and text messaging to inform of weather related school closures, late starts, etc.

3. Advanced – All of the Above Plus Some Extras:

  • Familiarize yourself with the pages of Unified Classroom, including those for your son's classes, as well as any resources you might need throughout the year.
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Use Vidigami to organize and view all photos of your son and school activities. Vidigami is a centralized photo-management system used by Saint Thomas Academy to collect and share photographs of students, staff and school activities throughout the STA community in a members-only private site.

4. Troubleshooting - Tips for Success

To prevent your email program from routing our emails to your SPAM/Junk folders, please Allow List the addresses listed below in your email program.  You can do this by adding the addresses to your email program's safe senders or Allow List features.  If you cannot find these lists in your program, you can add the addresses as a contact in your Address Book.  The email addresses to allow are:


Adding these addresses will prevent our emails from being marked as SPAM and will direct the emails to your inbox.  THIS WAY YOU WILL NOT MISS OUT ON KEY INFORMATION.  

Questions? Email Deborah Edwards, Director of Marketing & Communications or Pam Parish, Communications Assistant.

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