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Fathers' Club

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Fathers club annual awards presentation and transition of leadership for the 2020-21 school year!

Fathers' Club Annual Awards Presentation

Fathers' Club - Transition of Leadership


A Letter From The President: 


Catholic, College Preparatory, Military Leadership and All Male, the four pillars of the St.
Thomas Academy experience. The Fathers’ Club has been in operation for over 75
years, provided guidance, inspiration and direction to the Faculty, Staff and Families of
the young men honoring these halls.  The mission of the Fathers’ Club of St. Thomas
Academy is to support these pillars, provide a tangible and visual example for our sons
of leadership and cooperation and to have a little fun along the way. The Fathers’ Club
welcomes all fathers of current, past and future cadets to actively participate in our club
and contribute in any matter. Remember, every Cadet Dad is automatically a member!
Last school year presented historic challenges to the entire STA family. The community
has risen to the challenge and looks forward to a 2020-2021 school year filled with
events and opportunities to grow stronger together. Fathers’ Club will be integrally
involved in everything and invites you to volunteer in whatever capacity you can. Please
feel free to reach out to myself or anyone on the leadership team, we need you!
Thank you for your time and commitment!
Go Cadets!

Todd Corbo
2020-21 President



Meet our Advisory Board Members & Class Reps!

  • We hope to continue to build on our traditions and successes of the past as we enhance our relevance to the greater Saint Thomas Academy community. We welcome your participation and volunteerism as we join together to ensure our boys have a terrific experience at Saint Thomas Academy. 

  • President- Todd Corbo
  • Communication Coordinator- Shawn Meyer
  • Treasurer- John Neuville
  • Past President Advisor- Mike D’Agostino
  • Mother/Son Dance Chair- Ryan Bluhm & Craig Trammell
  • Father/Son Banquet Chair- Lester Bagley
  • First Friday Mass Chair- John Neuville
  • Christmas Party- Chris Mawn
  • Trivia Night Chair- Mark Korf
  • Spotlight Chair: Peter Bonfe & Mark Korf
  • Spotlight Games Grillmaster- Josh Rivera

Class Representatives

  • Michael D'Agostino - Class of 2020 **
  • Ryan Bluhm - Class of 2020
  • Tom Revnew - Class of 2021 **
  • Tom Dvorak - Class of 2021
  • Michael Fondungallah - Class of 2021
  • Shawn Murphy - Class of 2021
  • Scott Card - Class of 2022 **
  • Todd Corbo - Class of 2022
  • Mark Korf - Class of 2022
  • Mike Sabre - Class of 2022
  • Kevin Davis - Class of 2023
  • Tony DelDotto - Class of 2023
  • John Gainor - Class of 2023
  • John Pollard - Class of 2023
  • James Carver - Class of 2024 **
  • Rich Hanousek - Class of 2024
  • Jack Koegel - Class of 2024
  • Shawn Meyer - Class of 2024
  • Peter Bonfe - Class of 2025 **
  • Matt Collins - Class of 2025
  • Leonel Dorvil - Class of 2025
  • Franz Macedo - Class of 2025
  • Class of 2026 - TBD

    Please contact any of us if you have any questions or requests related to specific events, (We are in the School Directory) 

    ** = Class President 

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Annual Fathers' Club Awards:

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