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The Saint Thomas Academy Military department, for the start of second semester, has decided to implement a three-part rotation; one of which is a recap of Drill and Ceremony. Lieutenant Colonel Lockhart and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Friede have taken charge of teaching Cadets how to act and form up - whether at formations, promotions, or inspections. The classroom instruction teaches how the Army conducts different ceremonies and what their protocol is for these ceremonies. The drill that is learned can help all Cadets with marching and knowing their proper placement in the Corp of Cadets. From our C/PVT freshman to our senior C/COL, all the Cadets are learning the roles and responsibilities of these different positions. Alongside all of this, with the rapidly approaching Brigade Formal Inspection, Cadets are able to ask questions and receive the proper information in order to pass. 90% is the magic number the Corps needs to pass and receive the gold star and with this rotation and the huge emphasis on drill and ceremony, the Brigade is sure we will pass with flying colors. (Patrick Koegel '24)

Students in desks during a Military Leadership class
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