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Cadet Dining

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SAGE Dining Services® is a premier provider of dining services and gourmet catering to private schools, colleges and corporations in the United States. Serving nutritional, tasty foods for hungry Saint Thomas Academy cadets is the goal.

We provide talented managers and chefs as well as creative menus and well-trained staff to transform your on-site food service into a memorable dining experience. Since our creation in 1990, we have grown by providing our clients with personal attention, superior service, and unbelievable food.

Click the SAGE logo to view the menus

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How to Navigate Your SAGE menu

General View and Navigation
You can view the menu by breakfast or lunch, as well as by day, week, or month. To choose a meal, select an icon in the upper left-hand corner. To choose a time period, select an icon in the upper right-hand corner. Note that the daily menu displays all available offerings, but the weekly and monthly menus may display fewer options. We advise using the monthly and weekly views to get a general sense of the offerings, then moving to the daily view.

Keep in mind that our daily offerings—those items we serve at every meal, every day—don’t appear on the main weekly and monthly menus. You can find the Daily Offerings at the bottom of the daily menu, as well as through a link at the bottom of the page in any other view.

In any view, you can click on a specific menu offering to access allergen tagging, ingredients, and—for those over 18—nutrition information.

Station Concepts
The logos on the left-hand side of the daily menu indicate SAGE’s different station concepts. Your venue may offer the same set of concepts every day or rotate through several.


Download the SAGE Dining App

Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Dining App Flyer
Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Dining Spotlight Program Flyer

The SAGE Spotlight Program®
The dots you see directly to the left of each item in all views are Spotlight dots, the basis of our Spotlight Program. They indicate an item’s relative nutrient density, taking into account both nutrients of public concern for overconsumption (e.g., saturated fat) and nutrients of public concern for underconsumption (e.g., calcium):
- Green - Eat a variety of these items. Fill at least ½ of your plate with green-dot items every day.
-  Yellow - Strike a balance with these items. Fill ¼ to ½ of your plate with yellow-dot items most days.
-   Red - Enjoy in moderation. Fill ¼ of your plate or less with red-dot items once or twice a week.

You can learn more about Spotlight, nutrition, and SAGE’s food philosophy by clicking on the Spotlight icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Saint Thomas Academy Allergy Management Information

Allergen and Eating Pattern Filter
Under the meal and time period options, you can find our allergen and eating pattern filter. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right for instructions. Once you’ve agreed to the terms of use, you can see icons for the top 12 allergens in the U.S. and Canada—wheat, gluten, egg, fish, milk, soy, sesame, shellfish, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts, and sulfites—as well as icons for vegetarian, vegan, and athletic eating patterns. The athletic eating pattern, indicated by the Performance Spotlight icon, fits into our larger Performance Spotlight athletic nutrition program, which you can read more about on our mobile app, Touch of SAGE™.

You can choose any combination of filter criteria—just select the allergen(s) you want to avoid and/or the eating pattern(s) you want to follow. Anything that doesn’t meet your criteria will gray out, leaving only options that are right for you. Some items may display a “Learn More” light bulb or drop of oil. These icons indicate that you need further information to make your choice. The light bulb means that the dish may contain something you can’t consume, but that you need to ask your Manager to review the ingredient labels to be sure. The drop of oil means that an item that’s otherwise safe for you may have been fried in shared frying oil with an item that’s unsafe for you. Again, you need to ask your Manager to review the Allergen Tracking Sheets at all fryers to be sure.

If you follow specific eating patterns or have allergens that are not yet addressed by our filter, ask your Manager! SAGE will always work with you to meet your needs.

Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Dining Standards

SAGE Spotlight Program - Understanding Your Plate

Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Spotlight Green Dots
Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Dining Yellow Dots
Saint Thomas Academy SAGE Dining Red Dots