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Crack Drill

Formed in 1937, The Crack Drill Squad is one of the Academy’s longest standing traditions, dating back nearly a century. The Crack Drill Squad is a precision drill team that uses collective marching patterns and synchronized aerial gun maneuvers to embody the pride, dignity and excellence found throughout Saint Thomas Academy.

The Crack Drill Squad consists of ten seniors, five juniors, and two sophomores. These students exemplify the brotherhood of the Academy by striving for excellence, not as a team, but as a family. This special group of students represents Saint Thomas Academy at many elementary schools across the Twin Cities as well as military ceremonies, veteran memorials and even in funerals of past squad members. The Crack Drill Squad is one of the most exemplary manifestations of the values that Saint Thomas Academy instills in their students.

If you or your organization is interested in having the Crack Drill Squad perform at your event, please contact Master Gunnery Sergeant Neil Constine at

See the 1953 Saint Thomas Academy Crack Drill Squad perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in the video below!

meet the current crack drill team!

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