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 2020-2021 JGA

 2019-2020 JGA Team

2017-18 Junior Gold STAte Champions!

Junior Gold hockey in its current form, dates back to 2005 in Minnesota. Junior Gold A, B and 16 levels were formalized replacing Midget and Juvenile programs. There have been State Champions declared at the JGA level dating back to 1956.

Mike Dougherty ’78 and Bill Hickey ’74 started the STA Junior Gold program in 2007, with one Junior Gold B team. The team finished 5 th in their division. The program was expanded to 2 teams in 2012, when an Under16 team was added. A third team was then added, a JGA team for the 2018-2019 season, a state tournament participant in its first year.

STA Junior Gold Hockey promotes character development while playing hockey. As part of a quality high school level hockey program with certified coaches and staff, the program continues to develop, providing an excellent hockey experience for STA student athletes who want to continue playing competitive hockey and represent Saint Thomas Academy. Many graduates of STA Junior Gold hockey continue playing after high school, some for college club teams.

STA Junior Gold teams compete in the Junior Gold High School League, a league with more than 50 teams at 3 different levels. Currently there are three STA teams: STA Junior Gold A, STA Junior Gold B and STA Junior Gold 16 involving more than 50 players each year. The overall program has achieved modest team success, including Junior Gold B State Championships in 2016 and 2018, a JGB State Consolation Championship in 2017, and State Runner-up at the JGB level in 2014 and the JG16 level in 2019. The 2019-2020 JGA team qualified for the State Tournament but was unable to compete because of COVID-19.

Team Records      “Through the Years”

Year Team League Record Overall Record Coach
2022 JGA 8-14-2 9-20-3 Bill McCarthy, Jake Geiser (State Participant)
  JGB 8-12-4 9-15-6 Casey Erickson, James Erickson
  JG16 12-7-5 15-2-6 Tony Block, Joe Geiser
2021 JGA 8-5 9-7 Bill McCarthy, Robbie Jones (4th Place State)
  JGB 4-11-1 4-11-1

Casey Erickson, James Erickson     

  JG16 6-7-2 7-9-2 Tony Block, Jake Geiser
2019-2020   JGA 13-9-2 19-9-5 Bill McCarthy, Robbie Jones (State Qualifier)
  JGB 17-6-1 22-13-1 Casey Erickson, James Erickson
  JG16   8-11-5 16-15-9 Stephen Haugh, James Kolar ‘13
2018-2019 JGA 7-14-3 8 8-18-3 Jim Eha, Curt Cooper (State Participant)
  JGB 12-11-1 12-11-1 Casey Erickson, James Kolar ‘13
  JG16 17-5-2 25-7-2 Bill McCarthy, Robbie Jones (State 2nd Place)
2017-18 JGB 21-3-0 25-3-0 Jim Eha (State Champions)
  JG16           20-3-1 27-8-1 Bill McCarthy, Robbie Jones (5th Place State)
2016-2017 JGB           19-4-1              19-7-1            Jim Eha
  JG16 13-8-3 13-11-3 Bill McCarthy, Robbie Jones
2015-2016 JGB unknown 32-1-1 Jim Eha (State Champions)
  JG16    unknown   Steve Haugh, Jim Sampair
2014-2015 JGB 18-4-2 18-7-2 Jim Eha
  JG16 13-9-3 15-13-3 Aaron Hoiland, Tim Kettler (State Qualifier)
2012-2013 JGB unknown    
  JG16 12-9-3 unknown  
2011-2012   unknown unknown  
2010-2011   unknown unknown  
2009-2010   unknown unknown  
2008-2009 JGB unknown unknown  
2007-2008 JGB unknown unknown Mike Dougherty ’78, Bill Hickey ‘74

Note – any inaccuracies or suggested additions to the Team Records? Please email Bill McCarthy.