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Diversity & Inclusion

The work of creating a community of inclusion that respects individuals is an essential element of the Saint Thomas Academy mission and the values. Diversity activities often challenge assumptions, habits and long-held beliefs and habits, and they ask all groups to recognize their similarities and celebrate their differences. Saint Thomas Academy is committed to fostering diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff, as a core value of the school community.  

Saint Thomas Academy encourages respect for individuality and believes in the importance of community.  Therefore, Saint Thomas Academy calls students to standards of academic achievement, behavior and dress that are conducive to self-discipline, respect for others, and sound moral conduct.

Saint Thomas Academy began a formal diversity initiative in 1999 under the leadership of then-Headmaster, John Greving. A plan was developed, and programming was created to reinforce Saint Thomas Academy’s commitment to being a welcoming community for all. In February 2000, the Board of Directors appended the following diversity statement.

“Diversity” for Saint Thomas Academy means having an inclusive community regarding age, culture, family, gender, race, religion and socioeconomic status.



Saint Thomas Academy's Diversity coordinators, Chief Paul Preblich and Norma Gutierrez, lead efforts that provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to gain awareness of the unique contribution people of all backgrounds offer to the School. The diversity program at Saint Thomas Academy benefits students by offering lifelong lessons about interacting with many types of people.

Students who take part in diversity activities are called upon to be leaders who create positive change, and by their example teach respect and inclusiveness to others. Diversity activities at Saint Thomas Academy help students develop the crucial skills they will need to promote acceptance and respect for others in every stage of their lives.