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Football team huddling before the game.

Fight, Cadets, Fight: A Spectacular Football Season

Sam Trammell '22

    The game clock strikes zero. After a round of customary handshakes, the brigade of 100 blue jerseys sprint over to the right side of the bleachers to belt out the traditional Fight Song in front of their loyal fans. The exhausted, hungry boys then climb up the wooden steps from field to concrete and make their way to the burger stand to enjoy some well-deserved food before their post game meeting. A mere 15 minutes later, faint sounds of cheering, laughter, and Yung Gravy’s “Mrs. Buttersworth” can be heard emanating from the locker room. These lively celebrations and rituals can only mean one thing: the Saint Thomas Academy Cadets have won another football game.

Photo of the Cross Country Team

Keep on Running: Cross Country 2021

William Benson '22

As the runners walk up to the starting line, the cool wind blowing in their faces, one thing always stands out in their minds: victory. To some, cross country may seem like a very simple sport: you put one leg in front of the other as fast as you can. However, if you dig a little deeper into that, there is so much more involved, particularly in the successes and memories. Unlike other sports, cross country requires sincere dedication. You actively choose to run, and run only.


Censure at Boys State!

William Benson

I could’ve changed the world. But I blew it. 

In the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to run for governor of Minnesota. Of course, this was through Minnesota Boys State, but its impact is nonetheless still important.