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Mr. Geroux

Mr. Geroux, Audio-Visual Wizard

Andrew Walsh '21

Few have given as much as Mr. John Geroux has to ensure the day-to-day functioning of Saint Thomas Academy. During the four years that I have attended STA, I have noted Mr. Geroux’s dedication to the technical side of the school.

My first interaction with Mr. Geroux occurred when I needed his help making a mock news report for my Media Studies class. He generously spent time with Ty Vansteenberg and me setting up lights, cameras, and green screens. His assistance helped make our project successful. My experience with Mr. Geroux is just one of many experienced by the students at STA. It is common knowledge that he has been the glue that has kept the school running.

Mr. Geroux’s role at STA was not limited to his role in recent years. My father, Matt Walsh, class of 91’, recalls having Mr. Geroux as a teacher during his attendance at STA three decades ago. My father described Mr. Geroux as a “jack of all trades”. He further noted that, “Mr. Geroux has long been committed to the school and its students, and we were fortunate to have had him be a part of Saint Thomas’ history.”

After graduating from Michigan Tech and UST, Mr. Geroux taught Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science for almost 10 years.

Mr. Geroux’s role at STA began as a science teacher. In the late 90’s, he transitioned into the tech position when he became AV Coordinator, a position he has held for 26 years. Mr. Geroux estimates that he has recorded approximately 1,500 school events. Considering set up, recording, and post-production, Mr. Geroux has committed countless hours to the school. He also began recording formation, which has been extremely useful as the student body can now view formation virtually.

Mr. Hoverson, history teacher and coordinator of the quiz bowl team, recalls Mr. Geroux “constantly being here Saturdays, Sundays, and late evenings getting work done.” He also recalls Mr. Geroux “playing piano and taking care of the music for masses.” Mr. Geroux not only aided students and faculty on technical issues, but he was crucial in making the Catholic pillar of our school run smoothly.

As coordinator for the AV Club, Mr. Geroux helped students on the audio-visual side of production. Charlie Treacy, member of the AV Club, remarked that Mr. Geroux is “great at explaining things, and he had a lot of passion. His passion made boring things interesting, and he could make boring equipment-work exciting.”

Because of student interest, Mr. Geroux also took on the role of Chess Coach, archiving countless videos and written documents for the school. Many recall Mr. Geroux’s signature deep voice when he did announcements. It all reminds us that Mr. Geroux has taken on so many roles over the last three decades and has given so much to the school. As fortunate as we have been to have had Mr. Geroux be part of our community, we are sad to see him retire. Mr. Geroux will always hold a special place at Saint Thomas, and we wish him the best as he transitions into a much-earned retirement, one spent, no doubt, enjoying classical music and old movies.