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Back in Business

Tate Hinkemeyer '23

St. Thomas Academy is back! After two years of single digit wins, this year's team is on fire, posting a 15-11 record and surprising everyone with a rapid return to prominence under the guidance of new coach, Khalid El-Amin. Even after losing multiple seniors, STA basketball is on a path to success.


Cadets Invest For A Brighter Future: The Cadet Fund 

Nick Johnson '23

We’ve all seen the stock ticker in the window of Mr. Simmons' class, but how many of you know what it means? 

The answer goes beyond a simple classroom project, and it is in fact a new initiative to change the financial starts of cadets now and to come. This program is called the Cadet Fund. 


Middle School Mindset

Shaun Davis '23

When the Saint Thomas Academy 6th grade basketball team lost its final game against Nativity in the semi-finals, it forced me to reflect on all the laughs, shouts, and memories made throughout the year: Tommy's pre-practice Fortnite matches; Alister wearing his hood up during practice; Ben running down and back “for fun.” Although the team was full of these goofy, light-hearted conversations and jokes, we made tremendous progress and growth.