Middle School Uniform

The Middle School Uniform is NOT sold at the new or used Uniform Sale at STA. 


Hair will be neatly groomed. Length will not be ragged, unkempt, bulky or extreme. Hair will not touch the ears, collar or eyebrows. Sideburns will be neatly trimmed and not extend below the lowest part of the exterior ear opening. Hair will not be colored or highlighted. Lines cut into the scalp are not permitted.

The uniform consists of:

  • navy blue (not black) trousers (no blue jeans, faded or baggy pants)
  • black belt
  • long-sleeved (required) or short-sleeved (optional) perma-press light blue shirt with a pocket on front (may be button-down collar)
  • plain black tie (no clip-on), worn with long-sleeved shirt from October to April, may be purchased in bookstore for $8
  • open collar with short-sleeved blue shirt or long-sleeved blue shirt with cuffs rolled to elbow in August-October and May-June
  • nametag sewn on the pocket of both long- and short-sleeved shirts
  • plain black dress shoes (loafer or tie oxford that can be polished)
  • plain black socks (must be mid-calf; no ankle socks)
  • plain white crew neck t-shirt to be worn under uniform shirt
  • plain (not patterned) navy blue sweater (may be pullover or cardigan) is optional
  • no jewelry, except one watch, is allowed

    Uniform list to download and print
  • The pants, shirt, belt, shoes and socks are not sold at STA. 
  • The school provides one nametag for all new students; additional nametags may be purchased through the MS office (order form is below).

Out of Uniform Information

A student not in uniform must bring a permission slip, signed by a parent, to the Middle School office before 7:55 a.m. Alternate clothing consists of shirt, tie, dress trousers (no jeans or tennis shoes). Unlike the high school, if a Middle School student cannot be in complete uniform, he may wear part of the uniform (i.e. if shoes are being repaired, he can still wear the shirt, tie and trousers).

Integrity of Belongings:

Keep track of your personal and school belongings. Put your name clearly on all books, textbooks, binders, notebooks, and register your calculator. Use a Sharpie marker to label your uniform items and lunch box.

Middle School Nametags

The sewn-on nametag is attached to the top of the uniform shirt pocket. One nametag will be provided for each new Middle School student. The Middle School nametag is to be sewn on the pocket of both the short- and long-sleeved uniform shirts.

You can place your order on-line using a credit card or download a form to mail with a check.

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