School Information

Everything you need for your day-to-day academic endeavours at Saint Thomas Academy.


We have rotating A, B, and C days with flex periods built in for special activities. The schedules are posted online.

Office Hours

Need to drop off paperwork  or have any questions? Here is where you will see open hours for the main office and the Middle School office.

Severe Weather Information

How will I get information if school is closed due to a snowstorm? 

AlertSolutions System

Keeping students and parents informed of changes and closings is important to us. We have invested in the AlertSolutions system. This allows us to call all parents' numbers and send an e-mail in the event of a school closing or other changes.

High School Supply List

While the high school does not have a formal supply list, we do provide an idea of what you will need for your first day of high school. The Middle School does have a specific supply list.

Opt-Out Form

We post photos of our events on this site and use them for advertisements, admissions material, and the school magazine. If you or your parents do not want us to use your photo and name, please complete the opt-out form and return it to school.

Attendance Policies

Below is a synopsis of our policies and is not intended to replace the full listing in the student handbook.

Extended absence due to illness –
If a student is ill for a period of three (3) consecutive days or more, and upon returning to school, he must submit a doctor’s note specifying his reason for being absent. If possible, a student should try to keep up with his assignments via work posted on PowerSchool and/or Schoology.

Extended absence for reason other than illness –
If a student will miss school for more than two (2) consecutive days for any reason besides illness, the following procedure is in place:

  • Notify the attendance office well in advance to being absent and obtain an “Extended Absence Form.”
  • Have each teacher whose class will be missed to list assignments on the form, and sign it.
  • A parent signature is also required.
  • The completed, signed form must be handed to the Dean of Students at least one week prior to the absence.