What is a Journal?

A Learning Experience

The Academy's mission statement identifies as its goal “the development of strong leaders for the church, community, country and world.” The Senior Service Program is intended to give you the opportunity to continue growing into this role, enabling and empowering you in the experience of a servant leader.

This journal is to provide you the means to record your growth experience. It should be a place to make connections between your service work and your future goals as a graduate of STA and an emerging leader. 

Writing about yourself and your experiences is one way to grow in self-knowledge and become more aware of your learning within the context of conversation. 

However, a journal is what you make it. So, truly write and reflect in it. Be candid and honest. Avoid falling back on clichés and stereotypes. Put into words what you honestly think and feel about your service experience. 



Your journals will be collected and evaluated by your theology teacher.

Item and Due Date:

  • Journal Question 1 and 2—1st Mid-Quarter                  
  • Journal Question 3—1st Quarter End                  
  • Journal Question 4 and 5—2nd Mid-Quarter     
  • Journal Question 6—2nd Quarter End                 
  • Journal Question 7—3rd Mid-Quarter                 
  • Journal Question 8—3rd Quarter End  

Download the document below, in either format, to complete your journal.

2016-17 Senior Service Journal

2016-17 Senior Service Journal

Guidelines for Completing your Journal

  1. Follow STA writing guidelines as found in the STA Writing Handbook
  2. STA is a college preparatory school. As a graduation requirement, your journal must reflect this standard. 
  3. Use black or blue pen, or compose journal responses using your computer and neatly paste or staple into corresponding sections.
  4. A general guideline is that you write a minimum of 300 words on each journal assignment you choose.

In order for you to participate in Senior Projects during the last two and a half weeks of the school year, you must be UP TO DATE with the journal assignments and completely done with your required service on March 3, 2017.