Saint Thomas Academy Senior Service Program

Saint Thomas Academy invites students to cultivate a vital and relevant spirituality through service, reflection, and prayer. The school’s goal is to empower students by encouraging them to become servant-leaders who respect others and work for justice and peace. Since this dimension of a student’s development is an integral part of its mission, the Academy has a graduation requirement of forty service hours, which are completed outside of school, along with ten hours of reflection and social analysis, which are incorporated into their senior Theology Advanced Morality course.

These fifty hours complement a nine-day service program referred to as “Senior Projects,” which is completed during the last two weeks of senior year. During this capstone experience students take on significant responsibilities and receive mentoring within one of thirty Church, social service, educational or health related agencies. Through their work with inner-city children, senior citizens, the homeless, physically and mentally challenged children and adults, and newly arrived neighbors, students expand their worldview and gain insight, compassion, and growth while developing as servant-leaders. The Academy hopes that this program will give our graduating students the opportunity to discover the heart of Jesus and live in His spirit forever.


Mr. Joe Seidel
Program Director
651-683-1561 or


Note from Mr. Seidel about Senior Service:  There are still 20 seniors that need to finish their Senior Service requirement by March 1st Please have your agency send a confirmation email to Mr. Seidel at  Attached you will see the updated lottery list for the March 1st senior project lottery for the May projects.  We have 33 agencies involved this year!  If your name is on the list, you have completed the requirement and are all set for the March 1st agency selection meeting for all seniors! If your name is not on the list, we need to receive confirmation from your agency that the 30 hour minimum at an approved agency has been completed. Thanks.


Senior Service Projects: May 21-25, 29-31, and June 1, 2018

Senior Service Graduation Requirement: 40 hours of service 

  • Optimally, 40 relationally-based service hours completed at one approved agency.
  • Minimally, 30 of the 40 hours are relationally-based and done at one approved primary agency. (Church, social service, educational, health related agency); the remaining 10 at events where volunteers are requested
  • Documentation of all service hours should be given to Mr. Seidel. Hours exceeding the 40 hours graduation requirement should also be submitted in case of potential scholarship involving service.

General Service Hour Deadlines:

  • End of 2nd Quarter (senior year)—approximately 20 service hours completed
  • End of 3rd Quarter (senior year)—all 40 hours completed
  • Wednesday, March 28, 2018—Senior Project Selection Day @ 8:00 a.m.  ~ Wright Lecture Hall

Submitting service hours:

  • Students should give documentation of their hours to Mr. Seidel. Hours will be logged and tracked throughout the year, beginning March 1.

  • Students should have their service verified by their supervisor at the end of the service time.
  • Completion of your 40 hours will determine your placement in Senior Projects during the last two weeks of the school year. A policy of first come - first serve will be used in forming teams and selecting agency placements for Senior Projects.

  • On September 15, a mini-lottery will be held (in Mr. Seidel Theology class) to start the Order of Selection list for students who have turned in their 40 service hours completed over the summer. After this list is initially established, names will be added as students complete their 40 hours and turn in their verification forms. This list will be used for the selection of Senior Project teams and agency placements.
  • Service hours recently completed this summer need to be verified by the agency volunteer supervisor. The documentation of these hours needs to be turned in within the first two weeks of school. Site supervisors should send (via e-mail) the following information to Mr. Seidel for verification.

1. Name of agency
2. Name of supervisor
3. Name of senior
4. Number of hours worked
5. Email contact and phone number of student’s supervisor at the site.

NOTE: Verification of hours worked must come from the agency and not a parent, or the student.

Senior Projects - May 21 - June 1, 2018                         

  • A packet identifying the thirty-plus partnering agencies participating in Senior Projects, along with a description of service opportunities they offer, will be given to students in March.
  • Because a strong learning curve is valued, any student who wishes to return to his primary service agency may do so with the following conditions: his service hours need to be completed and the student must request this in a typed letter, cosigned by the agency supervisor, by January 15, 2018.
  • If a student wishes to submit a proposal for Senior Projects he may do so with the following conditions:  the student must meet with Mr. Seidel to present the initial idea and then present a typed proposal. This needs to be completed by December 1, 2017.
  • Selection Day:  Wednesday, March 28, 8:00 a.m. in the Wright Lecture Hall
    Placement in agencies and on teams will be determined in a first come-first serve basis, following the “Order of Selection” list established throughout the year as students completed and registered hours.

Who qualifies to participate in Senior May Projects?

Students who have completed their service graduation requirement by March 1, 2018, will be eligible to participate the Senior Service Projects.  This requirement includes:

a. 40 hours of service completed, signed off by supervisor, and verified by Mr. Seidel.

b. Academic Recovery Concerns:
After completing their service hours at the agency, students on Academic Recovery will return to school to complete the work needed to graduate.

c. Behavior concerns: the STA Administrative team will discuss each and every senior to verify that they are able to emotionally and behaviorally fulfill this important commitment.  Students with chronic attendance, tardiness, or behavior issues will be asked to remain at STA for the entire nine-day Senior Projects.