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We are now accepting annual memberships. If you have any questions, please contact John Barnes at or 651-683-1549.

“Academy • Activities • Athletics”

Saint Thomas Academy is proud to announce that the school is starting a new athletic/activities booster club, which is the Cadet 3A Club. The goal of the Cadet 3A Club is to improve and give additional support to all Saint Thomas Academy athletic and activities based programs.  Saint Thomas Academy has a longstanding reputation of success for education, athletics and activity achievements – we must continue to be a leader to stay competitive as well as to give our students the ability to excel.

This is the first time in our history we are formalizing and reaching out for your help in the spirit of the Cadet 3A Club to provide long-term support for all Cadet athletic and non-athletic programs, especially for needs that cannot be met by the existing budgets.

The Cadet 3A Board of Directors is a group of dedicated employees and volunteers whose intent is to create a more visible means of support for Cadet athletics and activities.  The Board’s sole purpose is to raise and disperse funds to support these programs.

We are asking community members, alumni and friends of the Academy to contribute to the annual fund drive for the Cadet 3A Club.  The 3A Club will provide an important vehicle for enhancing facilities and improving already competitive programs for our students, leading to a more enriching experience.

The funds generated by the Cadet 3A Club will be used for renovating facilities, supplementing athletic program budgetary needs, and securing resources to enhance student athlete experience.  The fund will support professional development for coaches, strength and conditioning equipment, athletic training resources, support for ever- changing safety requirements, travel expenses and costs associated with live streaming events.

It is now time to get on board for the 2017-18 year. Help us meet our goal of 200 members in the FIRST YEAR!!  You will enjoy some great perks at various membership levels while doing much to improve the Academy’s programs. 

Go Cadets!