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Four pillars comprise the transformative Saint Thomas Academy experience

Deeply engrained in the foundation of Saint Thomas Academy are our “four pillars” – the four characteristics or tenets that combined make us uniquely Saint Thomas Academy. No other private school in Minnesota – and few in the country – offer a college preparatory, Catholic, military leadership education solely for boys. Each one independently is important; collectively they result in an unparalleled educational experience for your son.

Your son’s spiritual and moral potential will be developed through the daily teaching and practice of Catholic traditions and values; and opportunities to foster and reinforce ethical behavior, humility and respectful relationships with all. While rooted in Catholic doctrine, we welcome boys of all cultures and faiths. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 of our students are not Catholic.

College Preparatory
Your son will expand his intellectual potential through our rigorous curriculum that imparts knowledge, an abiding spirit of inquiry, analytical thinking, creative expression, effective communication skills and independent study.

Military Leadership 
Through our multi-faceted military leadership program, your son will learn valuable leadership and character-development skills, including integrity, self-discipline, self-reliance, brotherhood, respect for authority and devotion to duty and our community.

All Male 
Our proven academic, athletic and learning environment nurtures and builds on the unique manner in which boys develop, embracing and fostering opportunities distinctly beneficial to them. While our approach is highly focused, your son will experience a rich and diverse student life through engagement opportunities with Visitation School and the community at large.

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