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Saint Thomas Academy Weather Guidelines

With our shared community, joint academic schedule and partnerships across a variety of programs, Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School coordinate efforts regarding school closure decisions due to weather related events. The safety of our students is the most important factor in our decisions, however we also are committed to delivering on the multitude of promises we make to our communities by providing a high-quality multi-faceted program in a predictable, consistent manner. 

As a commuter school with the vast majority of students transported door-to-door from across the metro area and limited, private bussing routes, predicted road conditions between 6 and 7 AM will often be the most important factor in determining a course of action. Although helpful in providing additional data, Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation do not base the decisions regarding closures or delays on the decisions of surrounding public school districts or private schools.  Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation will rarely close solely for cold weather.

In instances where Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation have decided to open, parents should always exercise their discretion if conditions closest to home warrant staying home or coming to school later.

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