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Meet the Class of 2020 - Abe Yosef

What is your favorite lunch item from SAGE Dining?

  • General Tsao’s Chicken

Who is your favorite coach or moderator? Why?

  • My favorite coach is Mr. Stevson. From greeting you at the door every morning to motivating you to reach that target time, Mr. Stevson is always there for not only his athletes but all cadets. 

Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

  • My favorite teacher is Mr. Westerback. His interesting style of teaching and commitment to establishing positive relationships with his students has led to a class that I genuinely look forward to attending everyday. 

What has been your favorite thing on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc.?

  • Ozark

What has been your favorite memory this past year at Saint Thomas Academy?

  • Soccer. I love the sport and enjoyed the time spent with my teammates.

What has made Saint Thomas Academy special for you?

  • Brotherhood

If there was a movie made about the Class of 2020, who would play you in the movie?

  • Naod Samson

What do you miss most about Saint Thomas Academy, now that you are Distance Learning at home?

  • The boys

How have you been keeping busy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Biking and reading

Have you decided on your plans after Saint Thomas Academy? Where are you going to college? 

  • Stanford

Have you tried anything new during this time? A food? Workout? Game? Talent?

  • I—along with some of the boys—killed the Ender Dragon on our Minecraft Realm.

How are you helping others during this time? 

  • From time to time, I’ll receive a Matthew Boland text and answer his question about Econ.