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Meet the Class of 2020 - Sean Nelson

What is your favorite lunch item from SAGE Dining?

  • Burgers

Who is your favorite coach or moderator? Why?

  • Mr. Hager because he really has connected with many seniors this year.

Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

  • Mr. Hager because he teaches us important lessons while teaching the stories. 

What has been your favorite thing on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc.?

  • Tiger King

What has been your favorite memory this past year at Saint Thomas Academy?

  • Hockey tournament 

What has made Saint Thomas Academy special for you?

  • The boys and how close everyone is.

If there was a movie made about the Class of 2020, who would play you in the movie?

  • Aaron Paul

What do you miss most about Saint Thomas Academy, now that you are Distance Learning at home?

  • The boys 

How have you been keeping busy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Playing basketball outside and walking my dog.

Have you decided on your plans after Saint Thomas Academy? Where are you going to college? 

  • Loyola University of Chicago

Have you tried anything new during this time? A food? Workout? Game? Talent?

  • Working out more