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Justin Larson

School Counselor, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach, Peer Mentor Moderator

MSE - School Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls
B.S in Secondary Education, Health and Human Performance Studies from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls

In his primary role as a School Counselor for Grades 6-9, Justin Larson loves the other side that he gets to see of students.  “I enjoy seeing their softer side that they don't share with many other people; the side that reveals their true strength when they are vulnerable, empathetic and compassionate to their brothers.  I also enjoy helping them recover from setbacks and thrive in our challenging environment. I was so fortunate to have such great role models and mentors during my high school years, I want to be able to foster those experiences here at Saint Thomas Academy."  In addition to his role as School Counselor, Justin also serves as a Football and Basketball Coach, and a Peer Mentor Moderator.