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Hames award

"The Hames Alumni Honors Award recognizes alumni who have exemplified the ideals of Saint Thomas Academy while distinguishing themselves in their communities. Honorees are chosen for their advancement of the goals of the Academy and enriching the lives of those around them through professional and civic leadership, intellectual and cultural pursuits, and human welfare activities." 

2022 Admiral John Crowley
2021 Dr. Peter Matlon '63
2020 Dr. Dennis Zachary '75
2019 Dr. Joseph Ignatius Hamel '39
2018 Thomas Clements '73
2017 Dr. Wayne Thalhuber, M.D. '56
2016 T. Michael McNulty, S.J. '58
2015 T.J. Ryan '78
2014 William Culbertson (Honorary)
2013 James Garberg '41
2012 John "Buzz" Myser '52
2011 Tom Lee '55
2010 Justin McCarthy '41
2009 William Fallon '49
2008 Roger Swenson '51
2007 William Gabler '63
2006 Thomas Schreier (Honorary)
2005 Michael O'Connell '59

2004 Gerald Brown '58
2003 Thomas Krebsbach '41
2002 Lawrence McGough '47
2001 Brian Short '68
2000 Timothy Kelly '52
1999 Christopher Cox '70
1998 Charles Denny '48
1997 Felix Bettendorf '41
1996 James Whalen '42
1995 Ronald Smith '51
1994 James Shannon '38
1993 Walter Kurtz (Honorary)
1992 William Foussard '72
1991 Robert Hamel '41
1990 Thomas Gainor '51
1989 Paul Vincent '44
1988 Michael Wright '56
1987 John Hoffner '53

1986 Robert Courteau '41
1985 Gerald Donovan '48
1984 Lawrence O'Shaughnessy '39
1983 J. Jerome Plunkett '42
1982 J. Peter Ritten '51
1981 Joseph O'Neill '49
1980 Richard Murphy '42
1979 Alan Ruvelson '32
1978 Herbert Mischke '45
1977 Thomas Carlin '39
1976 Clarence Rowe '34
1975 Frank Mullaney '39
1974 Emmet Murphy '18
1973 L. Fallon Kelly '26
1972 Alfred Gruenther '16
1971 Patrick Towle '25
1970 William Fallon '15
1969 John Lee '51

Opus Sancti Thomae award

The Opus Sancti Thomae award was established in 1992 to honor friends and affiliates of Saint Thomas Academy. This award recognizes both men and women who have made outstanding contributions to business, civic, church, educational and professional communities.

We honor their respective characters and achievements with a medal (above), designed by the Reverend Thomas Kolar. Its centerpiece is an encircled Jerusalem cross. Embedded sapphires grace each cross and representations of the two Academy logos denote its place of origin.

The Opus Sancti Thomae Committee selects a recipient every year and the award is presented in the Fall.

2019 The Saint Thomas Academy Mothers' Club
2018 Father Gordon Doffing
2017 Michael and Sharon D'Agostino
2016 Brian Short '68
2015 Joseph O'Neill '49
2014 Mike Ciresi '64
2013 Father Dennis Dease
2012 Thomas Schreier, Sr. (Honorary Alumnus) and Thomas Schreier '80
2011 John Campbell
2010 Thomas Gainor '51
2009 James Keane
2008 Charles Denny '48
2007 Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, DD
2006 John and Patricia Myser '52

2005 George Schnell
2004 Michael Wright '56
2003 Gerald Donovan '48
2002 Reverend Michael O'Connell '59
2001 Walter Kurtz
2000 Reverend Thomas Kolar
1999 Lawrence O'Shaughnessy '39
1998 Sylvester Turbes
1997 Alan Ruvelson, Sr.
1996 J. Peter and Mary Ritten '51
1995 Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst
1994 Most Reverend John Roach
1993 Clara Glenn
1992 Frank Mullaney '39

The Myser Family Foundation Teaching Excellence Award

John T. Myser, Class of 1952, believes that his personal development, as well as that of his classmates, was powerfully influenced by the excellence of the teachers with whom he came in contact while a cadet at Saint Thomas Military Academy.

He created the Myser Family Award to acknowledge the achievements of current and former faculty members who are identified by alumni as excellent role models and as having a life-long positive influence on the lives of the alumni.

A plaque and cash prize is presented to a retired or current faculty member on an annual basis.  It is the preference of John Myser that the recipients be free to use the prize as they wish.

There are two prizes awarded based on polling from a group of current faculty members, parents, students and select alumni.  There are two prizes awarded based on polling of the current reunion classes.

ST(M)A Fleming Alumni Veterans Award

In 2007, the administration of Saint Thomas Academy approved a new award to honor our veteran graduates. The award is called the Fleming Alumni Veteran Award, or simply the “Fleming Medal,” in honor of Captain Richard Fleming ‘35, our most highly-decorated graduate. Fleming received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Midway in 1942.

In 2008, a design competition was held for cadets to create a medal that would capture the themes of Saint Thomas Academy, military service, and country. Cadet Andrew Sheaffer ‘08 won the competition. His design superimposed the Maltese cross worn on the Cadet Class A lapel with the school crest, crossed rifle and saber, and four blue stones to symbolize the pillars of Saint Thomas Academy. At the top of the medal is inscribed the Latin phrase Pro Deo et Patria, “For God and Country.” We would like to thank the Class of 2008, whose senior gift funded this effort.